Everyone wants to win. Doesn't matter what you do or how you do it, I would argue that the vast majority of people want to win.

Win at what? Everything!

We want to win a game, an argument, an investment…. It makes us feel good. We feel validated.

Winning is subjective though. Unless we are talking about sports where 'winning' and losing is black and white based on final score… there isn't always that distinction when it comes to other things.

You may have made a 5% return on your investments last year and feel like you've 'won'. What if you were expecting an 8% return? Then you'd feel like you 'lost'

Real estate buying and selling is all about winning. This is why we have the back and forth negotiations. The seller wants more money and the buyer wants to pay less.

The #1 aspect of negotiations that I always tell my buyers and sellers is this: Check your egos at the door.

Ego – we all have one. We need to feed it. Nourish it. Massage it.

As a realtor though, I see it time and time again when we let our egos get the better of us and it almost always happens towards the tail end of the negotiations.

Not accepting an offer and losing out on that dream home(whether buyer or seller) for a couple of thousand dollars can seem absurd from the outside looking in… but it happens, and every single time, the buyer or seller ends up kicking themselves for not compromising somewhere.

This is where a good and trusted realtor comes into play and is able to either:

a) Bridge that gap or

b) Rationalize and counsel their client into accepting or walking away from the deal without any hesitation or regret.