This being my first "official" blog post, I thought no better way to get things started than to list what I find necessary in any blog that I read. I enjoy reading many blogs and no matter the topic or the blogger, these 3 things have to be present:


Everyone claims to be a blogger. If your last post was a year ago... you're not a blogger and you've lost me as a reader before I even begin. ALL great blogs I read have new content at least once a week and I visit these blogs anticipating new posts.


Don't just regurgitate endless bits of information. Too often I read 'blogs' that bore me with terminologies and jargon that just doesn't engage me. Yes, I want relevant information, but I want with a spin. Give me the "why", educate me, connect with me... this along with #3 sort of go hand in hand.


Whether I agree or disagree with a post or a blogger, does not really matter. Great blogs are because the author is giving me a glimpse into his/her personality. I want to hear their opinions... some of my favourite blog posts are actually the ones I disagree with entirely. So bloggers, if you're hiring a company to write your content, it becomes very obvious and defeats the whole purpose of creating a blog to begin with - don't do it.