You've listed your home for sale and are open for business.

Let the showings begin...

Here are 3 reasons I believe you should NOT be present at your home's showings:

1) Awkwardness

Whether the potential buyers are coming through the home with their realtor or your realtor, you want them to take their time and really get a 'feel' for the home. Sellers always want to walk them through the home (or hover anxiously in the background) pointing out certain things that they feel is superior, or just rave about the neighbourhood.

This is awkward and serves no greater purpose.

I compare it to walking into a clothing retail store… what do you as soon as a sales person comes up to you? You say 'just looking' then proceed to bee line it away from them. Now what if that same salesperson followed you around and pointed out every clothing rack, the amazing quality of fabric and why you should purchase it at their ticket price? Now flip the switch… imagine walking into a retail store with your personal shopper that you trust and already have a relationship with (ie. Your realtor) and you proceed to sift through all the racks, try on different clothes and compare… I guarantee, you will take your time, ask lots of questions and really be able to enjoy the experience which ultimately leads to making a purchase.

2) Bias

Of course you are. We all are. It's your home. You paid a lot of money for it and no matter what it looks like, the condition it's in, it will always be the 'best' home on the street.

That brutal wallpaper in the living room is 'art deco', those green granite floors are one of a kind, and the fifty year old hardwood flooring under the broadloom is exactly what people are looking for. Right?


A little extreme but nonetheless, no matter the work you put into your home, you want to showcase it and 'sell it'. This becomes problematic when you harass the buyer with all these upgrades/features and the buyer couldn't care less, sees right through the BS, or simply wants to focus on what's important to them.

This is where a great buyer's agent comes in – they are able to focus on what it is the buyer's really looking for in a home and tailor the showing, the experience, to that.

3) Emotions

Imagine you being present for a showing and the potential buyers have a look around and tell you the home is ugly and overpriced.

Do you:

a) cry

b) open up the conversation for debate

c) tell them to *$%# off

Let's face it; there will be all kinds of people walking through your home with different personalities, backgrounds & cultures. Some may barely peak their head through and some may spend an hour only to buy another home… all these high and lows will take its toll on you.

Some buyers and agents will try to sway you one way, and maybe after five bad showings, you are no longer thinking rationally. It's important to take the emotions out of the entire process and being present for showings makes it that much more difficult to do so.

Do not be home for showings.

Buyers hate it.

Buyer's agents hate it.

Contrary to popular belief, you gain nothing from it and if you don't think your agent who is hired to sell the home is able to do a better job than you in presenting your home - you've hired the wrong agent!