This time of the year alot of people tend to start thinking of selling their home and are a few months away from being ready. A question most sellers like to ask is what can I do to get more money for my home. Here are my top 3 (inexpensive) ways to improve the saleability of your home without breaking the bank.

1) Clean

I can't say this enough, so underrated yet so important. If you've been cleaning the same way for the last 10 years and the place is still dirty - get professional cleaners! Have your home sparkling inside and out from the floors, to the bathrooms and even the baseboards! A clean house instantly makes buyers feel good. Oh... and on the topic of cleaning, ever hear of scent marketing? You may be immune to your home's smell but others won't be. A stinky place, makes for a shitty (pun fully intended) first impression. Smoke, pets, food - all smells should be neutralized and removed.

2) Paint

Do not think your lime green paint in the living room is a feature wall. Those scuff marks along the hallway... remove 'em. Is neutral the way to go? YES. Unfortunately what you think is different and unique may not be viewed the same way by the majority. After all, you want to attract the most amount of possible buyers into your home. Tacky colours and dirty walls makes it difficult to look beyond and can deter a whole lot of people.

3) Professional photography

This has more to do with your realtor but nonetheless I think it is crucial when listing to spend the extra money and get pics that showcase your home. Before going to see a home, EVERYONE goes online and checks the pics. This is the first thing we all look at and probably our next filter after price/location. Wouldn't it make sense to put your best foot forward?? I have been in homes where the pics online look amazing and yet when at the home, it needs tons of work. Is it deceptive? Maybe. Did it get me inside the door? Absolutely. Is there a possibility my buyers want the home? Of course. On the flip side, if the house is immaculate but amateur pics were taken you are not getting the proper amount of showings that you deserve. We all know more showings = more chances or getting offers and more offers lead to better sale price.

You could argue that a buyer should see past the dirt, wall colours and the crummy photos if they are seriously interested. Let's face it, if the price and location is in their range, they definitely should not hold back because of this BUT what I am talking about is maximizing your home's sale... not simply selling it.

You walk into a No Frills and the apples are tossed on top of each other straight out of the box. Longos on the other hand, strategically places every apple one by one forming a perfect pyramid that never seems to deplete. Same apples, same taste, better presentation. Are people paying more for the Longos apple? Heck ya. Why? Simple - They've done a great job of marketing their products and the pride and effort they put forth translates into the buyer paying more for it.

Invest a few dollars before selling and you will reap the rewards when it hits the market.